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Veteran Anxiety Study FALL 2019
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Paul Sweeney                  PTSD Veterans
10 years in Asia                PT  Veterans                
Lic Acupuncturist(AZ)       Prosthesis Therapy    
Acupuncture Physician       RAW FOOD DETOX
Certified in Mental Health     Sound Frequency     
480-650-1047      Chi Kung Therapy Veterans    

Has worked with VETERANS and
their families for 30 years in
Asia and the USA      

10  years clinical experience in Asia
Tesla Coils           Sound Freq healing
      Scalar Waves    
Scientific Detox
via raw meat, raw dairy, bacteria,
raw fat, veggies, fruit, and esp lymph baths

Whatever medical or mental health isssue
you have please call. I spent 30 years in North America, Europe,
and Asia learning the best healing treatments for many
medical conditions like migraines, insomnia, intestinal d/o, OB/
GYN, etc. so I can help you-  
Veterans and their families
has been one of my main concerns in both Japan
and the States
and it has been incredibly rewarding and
interesting to work with them and their unique issues they are
forced to face.

Don't go to someone clinically inexperienced, undereducated in
science (most acupuncturists), unlicensed and or undereducated
in acupuncture(most MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopaths).
One free consultation here and most patients know they came
to the right place. Most insurance accepted!!

At AZ Medical we counsel/treat people concerning biological,
scientific,paleo raw foods,alternative medicine, x-rays, blood
lab screenings,acupuncture, herbs, behavioral health,
activated magnetic therapy, inert gases, Tesla based
technology, lasers detox by raw food diet .

50 patients daily=experience                                                         

    Paul Sweeney is an Acupuncture Physician,
    licensed acupuncturist (AZ) and researcher and the only
    acupuncturist Certified in Child and Adolescent
    mental Health. He is also a martial-artist
    registered, trained, and promoted in Japan,
    China and the USA

Paul has ten years post-graduate training in Asian
universities, clinics,and  temples in Japan,China, Malaysia,
Hong Kong and Thailand. He has also trained in Western
hospital settings allowing him to offer clients a
unique approach based on both western and Oriental
medicine and philosophy.

as well as the discomfort or "illnesses" which occur
when bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites are trying
to cleanse the body of heavy metals, petrochemicals
various amines, oxides, AGEs and other cooked food
toxins and carcinogens. During this cleaning process
there can be all the various symptoms and dis-eases
that have many names and terms but the actual
diagnostic names (when discernible) are not
really important.

         commonly treated imbalances:
   numerous microbial i.e., bacteriae, fungi, parasites and
 viruses, cleansing and healing symptoms known by many
       common illness and pathogenic terms such as:

 Migraines                  carpal tunnel syndrome
   Insomnia                           chronic fatigue syndrome
     Fibromyalgia                          autoimmune d/o(RA MS SLE)
                            Intestinal d/o(IBS etc)               

              ANXIETY                       asthma        
              ADHD                            insomnia
              MDD (Depression)          impulsivity
                             BPD, OCD, PDD


The emphasis at my clinic is on Inert gases, Tesla   
scientific detox with raw foods and
rebuilding the body through Oriental/alternative Medicine.
An all raw food diet includes raw: meats, vegetables, fruits,
and dairy and necessitates a bacteria rich/raw fat diet
producing scientific biological detoxification and rebuilding
of the bodies cells, nerves, tissues, glands and organs
leading to scientific health and emotional happiness.
Eventually one can advance to a "high" BACTERIAL RICH
meat diet which offers several bacterial strains not
commercially available but essential for deep cleaning  and

I want people to know that I personally practice what I
research and understand. I daily eat raw meats, raw cow
butter, raw unheated honey, raw milk and fresh veggie juice.

I never recommend patients take anything cooked or toxic
including vitamins, herbs, supplements etc...without
explaining the toxicity, free radicals and carcinogens
inherent in such products.