Sweeney Sensei
A ten year odyssey
in Asian clinics, temples and dojo.
By Paul Sweeney Ac. Physician, Lic. Ac.
Certified in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Reg.in Japan as Martial Art Instructor

Please take a minute to skim the detailed book
outline to get a feel for the scope of the material.

I spent 20 years searching all over the world for
ways to help patients heal so now you can!
Useful insightful (medical and spiritual) patient
information and case studies on many
conditions involving pain, vision, depression,
anxiety, addiction, pregnancy, ADHD etc

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Book Introduction:
"In this book I am sharing what I believe to be some
insights and knowledge with respect to clinically applied energetics
(Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, biology and chemistry),
psychology and healing based on 20 years of international travel,
clinical work, formal spiritual and Martial Art training in Europe,
North Africa, North America and above all, Asia.

I believe human nature strives to be happy. Therefore,
this books appeal rests on the offering of a fresh
positive perspective of life and healing that has led
many people to find an increased sense of joy in their
lives. People are more and more willing to and
capable of seeing their lives from a new perspective
even if doing so goes against the established
mass consciousness. People are choosing
truth over harmony in their lives.

I mentally relive many emotions in my life: the magic
of being lost in contemplation of the night stars from
an isolated tropical South China Sea island; the fear
of being in a Moroccan holding cell; my despair over
the tragic lives and deaths of patients in an Asian
heroin detoxification centre. However, in writing this
book, I chose to concentrate on the more important
ideas that these experiences culminated in as
opposed to stressing the exotic experiences

I have had the good fortune of traveling afar and
learning from many disciples of various schools of
thought. Many people exert much time and effort
debating the superiority of one philosophy, theory, or
teacher over another. Many well-known gurus, monks,
martial artists and healers have acquired reputations
involving exotic, mysterious and hard to believe deeds
and ancestral lineage. I feel strongly that if one gains
value from anyone regardless of what he would claim
as his identity or experience, than perhaps, there is
value and one can do something with it. This on the
other hand will inherently create limitations- it
naturally does to name anything, to define it, to limit it.
Those limitations then stand in the way of the next
step of where the energy and information is used.
In all cases it will to some extent:
it is simply a matter then of determining in which
areas it would be limiting." (end of book preface quote)

An exciting, interesting, succinct, unique real life story
about Sweeney Sensei's ten-year overseas adventure in
many Asian countries during the 1990s and the path that
he tenaciously forged to break the massive veil of illusion
and deceit so prevalent in much of the world today
concerning health and biology. His experiences from a
pilgrimage to Italy when he was eight years old to life in
Europe as a teenager to a ten-year quest in Asia as an
adult clinician and martial artist has allowed him to glean
from his unique life experiences and the accompanying
suffering and joy his present philosophy of health and
healing based on the reality of human/animal biology,
physics and joy.

Chapter One: My First Pilgrimage
the major impact on me, as an eight year-old, of my first
enchanting mysterious trip overseas as a pilgrimage to Italy

*Second Pilgrimage (to Santiago, Spain )
interesting background on a changing Spain: terrorism and a 2003 update,
Pamplona’s running of the bulls (San Fermines), the first democratic free
elections after Franco
* notes on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela  
* a “private” Mass with Pope John Paul II during the Holy Year

Chapter Two - Japan Bound
My arrival in Japan: my lack of preparation, my first overwhelming impressions,
my resolve to experience the real Japan, differences in the Chinese and
Japanese languages

observations of interesting happenings and background to a changing
Tokyo due to the influx of foreigners in Japan during the 1990s
* what a foreigner (and myself)) had to do to get a visa before and after 1990
* foreigners and their lucrative control of the illegal phone card        
* foreigners control of the lucrative street stalls selling jewelry

*the South American visa rule change and the influx of 150,000   
Brazilians and Peruvians.

* violence in Japan involving Japanese and  foreigners
* Chinese triads influence and the National Police confusion
* Japanese attitude toward crime and foreigners
* my personal experience with violence in Japan and Asia

*AIDS, overstayed visas and the sex industry
*AIDS news and my impressions from clinical work
in one of  Tokyo's “red light” areas (update 2003)
* World Health organization warning (2002)

Chapter Three: Initiation                        
* routine acupuncture work in Tokyo
* finding a karmic temple to visit
* my formal meeting with the Buddhist monks and their background
* my karmic family

* Japanese being a sad people and the suicide rate increase (update 2003)
* interesting notes on different Tibetan Buddhist sects and the Dalai    
Lama’s limited jurisdiction

Martial Art Training pg 28-48
why I started training as a teenager and the issue of fear.
* motives for initiating training: Asian vs. Western
* interesting differences I saw training in Japan and China.
*Japanese and Chinese styles and my sensei/sifu
* lack of “chi” development and training with Westerners

lesser-known health benefits of specific training techniques for everyone:
body conditioning (iron bell), bone marrow stimulus, organ massage,
stomach pounding, circulating/cultivating “chi”,
anal/vaginal closure/coordination  
fostering animal instincts          

Chapter Four: Healing for Healings Sake
* how I approach patients with new or different information that is outside
their personal realm-of-consciousness
* discussion of the importance of the self-education/empowerment of
* engaging the inquiry process; clarification vs. consolation

the resonant principle: using teaching tai chi as an example for transferring
energy patterns to another so that they may continue the inquiry process on
their own despite feelings of guilt or denial
* healing as a subset of the path of assisting
* how assisting can aid in the completion of life cycles  

“Mental energies can sometimes block higher levels of understanding and
healing as they are associated with old habit patterns, thought forms of a
destructive nature or other aspects."                                                                                  

PART IV- A New Perspective on the Human Body

Chapter Five: Human Considerations
*intriguing patient considerations not taught or discussed in
Oriental education involving the acupuncturist’s use of moxa, cupping,
needles and herbs and my personal experiences in different countries

Chapter Six :Diet (Raw vs. Cooked)
raw food and bacteria diet: the importance of raw foods (including raw meats)
and bacteria in healing
* toxicity of all cooked carbohydrates and AGEs
* enzymes significance and destruction
* toxicity of non-organic meat/farm fish and BSE “mad cow” disease
* benefits of raw meats in healing
* toxic amines and oxides from cooking proteins and fats
*simple powerful aerobic bacterial ingestion for true healing and detoxification
* how I dispel erroneous fears associated with raw meat and bacterial ingestion
*how I both encourage patients and friends to use and I personally use raw
foods and bacteria ingestion
*my first raw dairy experience in Spain with the gypsies
*my first experience with Japanese poisonous "torahugu"

*the strong hold that the consensus reality has on people and the psychological
shift necessary to heal (truth over harmony)
* science versus fear (truth over harmony)
* bacteria as a living race and the use of antibiotics and future probiotics
* hospitals testing viruses for cancer cures and its implications
* fear issues and emotional response

Chapter Seven: Development of Human Consciousness through Human Organs  
(The information, in this chapter especially, is in much need of understanding
as it is so lacking in both education and humankind’s thought processes at this
vital time in human evolution)
Evolutionary Considerations:
* Chinese basic medical/philosophical theory and the 12 organ pairing
* how one connects to the significance of one's organs
* examples of emotion/organ connection and function clinically
* rejection of underlying connections and the animal-self
* various forms of consciousness
“The point is to allow consciousness itself to develop in several different
ways as if to involve emotional and animal consciousness … .”

global consciousness and spiritual breakthrough

“… the paradox that the spiritual energy which is everywhere present is best
received by a singular focus because …”
* reconnecting with one’s energies and reawakening intuitive capacities

Heart/ Small Intestine Example
*I use the poignant example of the small intestine/heart yin-yang pairing to
elucidate the emotional/physiological significance of the organs on a practical
and clinical level.
* why the small intestine/heart pairing is so significant for humanity at this time  
*discussion of the Chinese process of treating the small intestine for spinal problems
*how bacterial interaction  leads to happiness and health
*arthritis as a cleaning mechanism
*brain/small intestine balancing and bacterial intelligence
*genetic incompletion and theory of new meridians
* various energy flows in the body present and foreseen and their significance

Chapter Eight: Clinical Case Studies
This section has five very interesting and easy to read exceptional
case studies written for the average reader. I use real cases and
healing approaches based on my 15 years of clinical experience that
can offer the reader a new approach to looking at common problems
in life outside of the specific medical imbalance highlighted in each
These cases do not include details of acupuncture techniques, point combinations,
percentages of inert gas combinations, frequencies of laser and electricity and magnetic
gauss involved in each treatment.

* energetic/spiritual/psychological aspects of each case and how these relate to
the physical imbalance. A general TX plan including raw foods, psychological
shifts needed by each patient and progress or failure are discussed

pg 86-90: case #1: attention deficit/speech disorder in a seven year-old  
* establishing essential trust and connecting with such a patient
* right-left brain connection exercises
* raw fats for healing
* mother’s reactions
The therapy was done in a sense that we were encouraging him
at a soul level to want to redirect various energies in order to
realign his own nervous system.”

pg. 91-95  case #2: blindness in an infant/Liebermen’s disorder
* significance and ways of directing and fostering the
non-visual senses
* eliciting the desire to see from the baby’s heart and psyche
* honoring the baby’s chosen reincarnation path
* the heart’s “eyes”
* why someone would choose not to see
* progress report          

pg. 96-101 case #3: depression/tinnitus  
* treating fear of the unknown etiology of imbalances
* suppression theory and choosing truth over harmony in life
*intercommunication and resonances throughout the brain
*the role of self-responsibility in healing
*breaking the law of inertia in life and movement
*analyzing subtle fear/defensive reactions to common daily events
*depression and intestinal bacterial deficiency
* aged “high” meat ingestion

specific interesting observations on
Japanese clients over the years
* the significance of group energy and belonging
*understanding, “Japanese society with the inherent subtle undermining
of a woman’s sense of value inherent there and the suppressing of so
many feelings and thought processes which must be controlled if a
woman is to act without resentment ….”

* laughter and comedy in Japan
*moving overseas as both therapy and karmic acceleration
*Japan’s historical karma balancing
* self-deprecation in Japan

pg 105-109: case#4:  severe foot pain/Plantar tendon fascitis
* lack of physicality and ways to reconnect to Mother Earth
* coordination exercises for left-right brain interaction
* considering the good point of any imbalance
* raw foods and nerve impaction

pg 110-114: case #5: pregnancy/low back pain
“The child will eventually learn that his own higher subtle bodies can be used for
his own healing, his own strengthening and do not have to be pulled into areas .....
* where to start with a patient who is less spiritually orientated
* meditation as an aid in treatment insight
* Sometimes relieving the patient’s main complaint first often         
adds credibility                         
* unacknowledged addictions        
* intuitive awakening and spiritual readings to reawaken energies  
* too much new information can be confusing and frightening
* meditation to quicken the resonance between mother and child
* vaccine toxicity, mutated viruses and antibodies
* 2003-2004 flu vaccine
* nosodes

Chapter Nine: Modern Metaphysical Treatments

A general stimulating overview of the development of my present TX system taking
the best of what I have learned in various countries

Tibetan Buddhist designed pyramid and its benefits:
* subtle body treatment
* utilizing the Earth’s Schumann resonance to heal

“For some people any frequency or subtle energy technique will be  insufficient for
healing because..."                             
*advantage of raw foods, needles and lasers
*the complexity of the human frequencies
*overriding galvanic currents in the pyramid
*organ entrainment through frequency
* the reflex pattern and superior healing potential of voice