Chapter Eight
Case Studies

This section has five very interesting and easy to read
exceptional case studies written for the average
I use real cases and healing approaches based on my 15
years of clinical experience that can offer the reader a new
approach to looking at common problems in life outside of
the specific medical imbalance highlighted in each case.
These cases do not include details of acupuncture
techniques, point combinations, percentages of inert gas
combinations, frequencies of laser and electricity and
magnetic gauss involved in each treatment.

* energetic/spiritual/psychological aspects of each case
and how these relate to the physical imbalance. A general
TX plan including raw foods, psychological shifts needed
by each patient and progress or failure are discussed

pg 86-90: case #1: attention deficit/speech disorder in a
* establishing essential trust and connecting with such a  
* right-left brain connection exercises
* raw fats for healing
* mother’s reactions
“The therapy was done in a sense that we were
encouraging him at a soul level to want to redirect
various energies in order to realign his own nervous

pg. 91-95  case #2: blindness in an infant/Liebermen’s  
* significance and ways of directing and fostering the
non-visual senses
* eliciting the desire to see from the baby’s hear/ psyche
* honoring the baby’s chosen reincarnation path
* the heart’s “eyes”
* why someone would choose not to see  
* progress report          

pg. 96-101 case #3: depression/tinnitus  
* treating fear of the unknown etiology of imbalances
* suppression and choosing truth over harmony in life
* intercommunication and resonances throughout the brain
* the role of self-responsibility in healing
* breaking the law of inertia in life and movement
* analyzing subtle fear/defensive reactions to daily events
* depression and bacterial deficiency
* aged meat ingestion

specific interesting observations on
Japanese clients over the years
* the significance of group energy and belonging
*understanding, “Japanese society with the inherent
subtle undermining of a woman’s sense of value
inherent there and the suppressing of so many
feelings and thought processes which must be
controlled if a woman is to act without resentment ….”

pg 105-109: case#4: severe foot pain/Plantar tendon
* lack of physicality and ways to reconnect to Mother Earth
* coordination exercises for left-right brain interaction
* considering the good point of any imbalance
* raw foods and nerve impaction

pg 110-114: case #5: pregnancy/low back pain
“The child will eventually learn that his own higher
subtle bodies can be used for his own healing, his
own strengthening and do not have to be pulled into
areas .... ."
* where to start with a patient who is less spiritually           
* meditation as an aid in treatment insight
* Sometimes relieving the patient’s main complaint   
first often adds credibility to the healer                       
* unacknowledged addictions        
* intuitive awakening and readings to reawaken energies  
* too much new information can be confusing and
* meditation to quicken the resonance between mother
and child
* vaccine toxicity, mutated viruses and antibodies
* 2003-2004 flu vaccine
* nosodes