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Chapter Six Outline:                        
,Diet (Raw vs. Cooked)                    

the importance of raw foods (including raw meats) and
bacteria in healing
* toxicity of all cooked carbohydrates and AGEs
* enzymes significance and destruction
* toxicity of non-organic meats & B.S.E. disease
* benefits of raw meats in healing
* toxic amines and oxides from cooking
* simple powerful aerobic bacterial ingestion
for true healing and detoxification
* how I dispel erroneous fears associated with
raw meat and bacterial ingestion
* how I both encourage patients and friends to use and I  
personally use raw foods and bacteria
* my first raw dairy experience in Spain with the gypsies
* my first experience with Japanese poisonous "torahugu"

* the strong hold that the consensus reality has on  
people and the psychological shift necessary to heal  
(truth over harmony)
* science versus fear (truth over harmony)
* bacteria as a race and the use of
antibiotics and future probiotics
* hospitals testing viruses for cancer cures
and its implications
* fear issues and emotional response