COOKED FOODS- all are toxic
and initiate disease.
All cooked proteins, fats & carbs
. produce amines,
oxides, AGEs or other carcinogens.

DETOX- Heavy metals and cooked food
are the main things to detoxify from.

RAW FATS- are a good way to clean the body
of numerous toxins, metals, plaques, ash and chalks.

BACTERIA- The quickest cleaning and rebuilding
agents known to mankind. “High” aged foods will
allow for biological cleaning and revitalize your body
(which is what bacteria and viruses do by nature).

PEDIATRIC BASICS-  What can one use to obviate
vaccine and commercial baby formula toxicity?
Raw milk, raw honey and raw vegetable juice from
day one is the best for most infants.

ANXIETY is  a common co-morbidity with many childhood
imbalances : BPD, MDD, OCD. PDD, ADHD etc. chronic
anxiety can lead to an over-activation of the HPA axis leading
to long-term imbalances. Acupuncture research and my
empirical experience suggest acupuncture is very effective at
treating anxiety.

World health Organization(WHO) and the National
Institute of Health
(NIH) have found that acupuncture can be
used to
treat over 50 common medical conditions.

Human DNA contains viral, fungal,bacterial DNA-
we are chimeric biologically with many times more microbial
cells than "human" cells in us.

Most illness and deaths are caused by the complex human
immune systems overreaction to microbes. Increased
exposure to raw foods and increased bacteria counts limit
such reactions in different ways as in balancing interleukins.

Anti-cholesterol drugs are very dangerous as many of
them reduce an enzymatic reaction so less CoQ-10 and
dilichols, which our bodies depend on to function, are
produced. Cholesterol is a main component of human cell
membranes, adrenal cortex hormones
(including sex
hormones and blood sugar regulating hormones),
and is the main organic molecule in the brain!!!

Sweeney Sensei has ten years
clinical experience in Asia.

Read his book: Health Over Harmony :
Gleanings from a Ten Year Odyssey
in Asia)
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