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(book excerpt)
                                                               "I have been fortunate
to have worked in many       
different clinical settings in various countries over
the years which has led to a better understanding,
knowledge insight as to how to help and approach
patients.In hindsight, I regret how comparatively little
I could offer patients at my first acupuncture clinic in
Boston's  Chinatown in the 1980’s. I have often thought
how great it would be to retreat certain patients now
that I have much more to offer them.

The various approaches I have used to determine what
is best for a patient have led to a new awareness of
how to properly integrate various empirical and
academic knowledge. The idea which usually arises is
the same aspect of integration that is being required in
all areas of medical science i.e., education. The patient
is self-empowered, shown how to move the energies
him or herself, how to learn about the proper texts
to read, proper ways to understand and work with this
new energy and knowledge. Indeed, the more the
energy is concentrated in the hands of the teacher or
acupuncturist as the authority, the more  difficulties will
inevitably ensue. Understanding this larger principal
is much more than knowing and using particular
techniques or practices; it is an awareness of much
longer term energies whereby  some patients create
new methods and new understandings that will in a
future time (even a future reincarnation) be very useful.

I always have interesting material for patients to read in the
English, Chinese and Japanese languages (as half of my
patients in the States are Asian). Many patients get
discouraged with various readings but those that continue to
inquire, study and/or experiment make great strides in mind
and body. The challenge for me over the years has been
deciding how much information and of what nature to discuss
with patients. Some patients with limited spiritual or physical
knowledge are easily intimidated or raise an eyebrow at new
information that is outside their personal realm of
consciousness. The healer or friend must use intuition or
experience to know what specific information to tease that
person with to arouse curiosity and excitement about new
ways to consider health, body or  emotional make-up. There
is usually some way to reach most people that come to a
metaphysically-oriented clinic. Sometimes that window is
small or the information may be basic but for that person it
is the right place to begin. Hopefully they can integrate and
eventually manifest it in the future. Accessibility, acceptability,
absorbability and integration must be considered carefully for
each person.

To engage the inquiry process within my own consciousness
has always been a natural thing for me to do: asking myself
why I did this and why others do what they do. In my
meditations I have always enjoyed reliving intense, wonderful
or thoughtless experiences in my life to refeel the emotions I
experienced then. As all the emotions one ever feels are
imprinted on one’s astral body, it is just a matter of what I call
“sucking” these vibrations a bit closer to my physical body to
allow them to reconnect with my consciousness ¾ almost like
a video replay. It is similar to how real some “dreams” seem  
upon awakening.  Emotions, particularly those accumulated
from birth, tend to clog up the web of energy around people.
It is a practical idea to relive events in a nonjudgmental way
and then sever that string of the web to become more
karmically independent. However, to stimulate this inquiry
process in others is quite an art. After many years of ups
and downs in terms of helping patients deal with the root
causes of their imbalances and the thought processes involved,
I saw that my questions had been too difficult and devoid of
sufficient compassion and caring. Therefore, the individual
received the harder edge rather than the process of inquiry
ignited in themselves. When I finally realized that the real
benefit regarding questions that engage the receiver was a
psychological one, I no longer had to look for the truth. Up
until that time I had relied on two types of inquiry........"
end quote


Chapter Four: Healing for Healings Sake
* how I approach patients with new or different
information that is outside
their personal realm-of-consciousness
* discussion of the importance of the self-
education/empowerment of
*engaging the inquiry process; clarification vs. consolation

the resonant principle: using teaching tai chi as an
example for transferring energy patterns to another so
that they may continue the inquiry process on their own
despite feelings of guilt or denial
* healing as a subset of the path of assisting
* how assisting can aid in the completion of life cycles  

“Mental energies can sometimes block higher levels of
understanding and healing as they are associated with
old habit patterns, thought forms of a destructive nature
or other aspects.”       end outline