Part I: Untaught Human Considerations                   

(book excerpt) "There are many ways in which the human
body, plants, animals and minerals have changed since
evolution began which necessitate a fresh new perspective on
biology and acupuncture theory as taught in schools today.
It was interesting to see how little the energetic and biology
theories and text-books had changed between when I went to
Oriental medical School in the 1980s and when my sister went
to Oriental medical school in 2002!  Perhaps in a future book,
I will discuss more on this in detail but I mention it now as I feel
it is so important for people to continue writing such clinically-
based books that are sorely needed to compliment traditional
texts that lack much needed information. I will briefly discuss
what I am sure will be the main areas of consideration for
future healing based on tradition, diet, and research.

What I feel healthcare providers first need to consider is the
way in which an individual may have been exposed to various
healing techniques or pain in this life (or a past life). For
example, many people have interesting reactions to “moxa”
(artemesia vulgaris). Moxa is a plant commonly used to warm
or cauterize different points on the body. These reactions relate
to breathing the fumes and the various particulate matter.
Some of these were not present in past times because the
herb itself has changed has had all DNA. Each human
generation sees approximately thirty new genetic mutations,*
and with background radiation increasing, logically the number
of mutations will increase.

In many cases moxa and other plants have been contaminated
with various toxic materials from the atmosphere, aluminum in
particular, which is not a good thing for anyone to be breathing.
We already have so much heavy metal toxicity accumulated in
our bodies from the food we eat and air we breath. However,
one can receive some positive effect from moxa because one is
tuning into past life energies associated with ..........(continued)

When placement of moxa is accurate i.e., on the acupuncture
point and not just near it,  there is a direct relationship to the
body being able to absorb and work with the fiery warming
energy that, empirically, many people find tonifying and
comforting. I prefer lasers and various electronic technologies
over moxa to directly impart energies into the meridians
because it avoids risking the various pollutants. However, I
have found that one can still bridge the past-life attunement with

In metaphysical literature, the human body is usually divided into
7-12 subtle “layers” of a more etheric nature that lie outside of
our physical body. Some find it easier to visualize these layers
as octaves on a piano as each octave has a higher frequency
yet each octave shares a sympathetic resonance as in
harmonics. The first layer is called the etheric body that “builds”
as well as imbues the physical body. These subtle bodies
relate to how we receive energy from the higher aspects of our
soul and spirit. The seven main “chakras” are energy portals
that connect/transform higher energies from our subtle bodies
into our seven endocrine glands and then our physical body.*
There is an aspect of the “etheric body” known as the “thermal
body” which particularly enjoys any warmth and so moxa can
promote etheric strengthening. Etheric body tonification is the
main healing path for many people." (end quote)